"Thank you for all the good service you have given us.  You guys really bend over backwards to help us give good service we couldn't get elsewhere.  Being able to remake/refit a barely used hearing aid to another family member is a real help to those in difficult circumstances."

Jim Irwin
Audiphone Company of South Texas
San Antonio, TX

I have utilized Carols services at Novasonic since 1991.  She has great quality in the work that she provides.  I have never had to send a repaired hearing aid back to her for more services.  Carol and her repair team go above and beyond the quality of repair services needed.  In addition, when any problems arise, Carol works quickly to resolve problems.  I highly recommend Nova Sonic to anyone considering hearing aid repair and reshelling services!

Karen Maxwell
Home Hearing Services
Naperville, IL
Ecological and conscientious people appreciate being able to reuse items that are still in excellent working condition.  Like numerous other items, hearing aids, too, can be recycled.  A reconditioned (or recycled) hearing aid can be defined as a previously worn in-the-ear hearing aid that is made to fit a new user.  Because the hearing aid is not new, a person can purchase a quality hearing aid at an affordable price.

There are four reasons why hearing aid users will  purchase a reconditioned hearing aid:

1.  They cannot afford to pay full price for a new hearing aid.
2.  They choose to not pay full price for a new hearing aid.
3.  They wish to use close-to-new hearing aids owned by a loved one who has recently passed away.
4.  They like to have a back-up pair of hearing aids to use in the event that their regular hearing aids need to be sent to the laboratory for repair. (And due to the nature of  hearing aids---the minute parts combined with ear wax accumulation... this can easily happen more than once a year.)

The process for reconditioning a hearing aid is very simple.

All you need to send us are:
1.  The impressions of the new user’s ears.
2.  The ‘old’ hearing aids.  These should not be more than five years old and should approximate the new user’s hearing needs as closely as possible.
3.   A copy of his or her audiogram. 

We craft new shells and place the components from the hearing aids you sent us into the new shells and replace any parts that are not in top-notch working condition.  If needed, we re-work the aid to exactly match the new user’s hearing loss.

We can recondition all makes and models of in-the-ear hearing aids including CIC’s, digital and programmable aids.  The only thing to take into consideration regarding these three types are the sizes of the ear canals of both the former owner and the new user. They should be comparable in size. We have to be able to use the old plate because all the parts are attached to it.

There are six months and one year warranties available.  The fit is guaranteed for two months.  After that, if a reshell is required there will be an additional charge.

Our normal turn-around time is approximately 10 days. Aids are returned by US Priority mail with Delivery Confirmation.


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